Our new Reewu app will revolutionise the way that consumers shop for the products they love. By sharing their favourite products they can earn rewards and become ambassadors for the sale of your products!

Harnessing the best of 21st Century technology our app will transform the online retail market and create a revolutionary way for forward-thinking sellers to reach new markets and new customers.

Who we are

Reewu is based in Lancaster which is in the very heart of Lancashire, a hotbed of digital development within the UK.  Reewu has been created to complement the Webproductsdirect group of businesses that specialises in selling high-quality promotional products through a number of e-commerce websites and brands.

Benefitting from years of experience and expert skills and knowledge in reaching customers through digital media, Reewu is very much the exciting new kid on the block and proud to show the world how creative and innovative UK business can be!

What we are all about

The purpose of the Reewu app is to enable consumers to earn rewards from sharing the products they love with friends and family.

However, it is a revolutionary app that will help our vendor and affiliate marketing partners to reach new customers and markets.  Every time a product is shared (and why would the buyer not want to share when they earn rewards!) they reach a new potential customer.

As the vendor, not only do you reach a new potential customer, but you reach a customer through a recommendation.  As you will know, the best recommendations always come through word of mouth as they are built on a strong relationship and a foundation of trust.

Why launch your new website now?

Reewu is in the final stages of development and we hope to launch the app very soon. For the app to reach its full potential, we need to develop strong relationships with vendors across the UK and beyond.

We are therefore inviting vendors to Contact Us and to discover for themselves how the Reewu app will help to transform their business by increasing sales and developing stronger customer relationships.

Driving a healthy Return on Investment

There is always a cost of acquisition of winning a new customer whether you use salespeople, Pay per Click or other digital marketing advertising and promotions.

However, none of us mind making an investment in acquiring those new customers as long as that investment offers a reasonable return.

Reewu will do just that.  By linking through our affiliate marketing partners you will only be sharing the same level of commissions with your customer that you would expect from those platforms anyway.  It will also not be lost on you that the commission is only payable when a sale is confirmed.

With Reewu, there are no upfront fees, set-up costs or initial investment required.  We’ve taken care of all that! All that is needed is for you to agree for your products to be included on the app through your existing affiliate marketing partner or one we can recommend if you have not used that route to market in the past.

So, Reewu is a simple easy to use solution for vendors and a way to get great value for the consumer and their friends and family.  Now that is what we call the “win-win”!

So, onwards and upwards

Ultimately, all we do we do for those we work for and with. Our customers and our customer’s customer. So if you want to join the new revolutionary online shopping experience then we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us at hello@reewu.com or via the LIVE CHAT on our website.