In this blog we explain how for online vendors, retailers and affiliate marketers the Reewu app will revolutionalise the way that they find new customers.  How embracing 21st Century app technology, we are able to successfully bring together customers, their friends and family, online retailers and affiliate marketing platforms all under one roof.  Successfully bringing value to everyone which is just what you would expect from a world-leading app!

So, how does Reewu work?

Reewu has signed up and been accepted to many different affiliate marketing platforms across the web. From these platforms Reewu can access the product database uploaded to that platform by the vendor. These databases often include the product, price, commission level and link to the individual product page. Vendors will also be able, if they are not already part of an affiliate programme, to upload their products direct to Reewu’s server.

The app user will be able to search for their favourite products online and make a purchase with their favourite online seller. They can then share the link to that product and website using the Reewu app with their friends and family. If the person who has received the shared link then buys the product the original link sharer (the referrer) receives a commission paid directly into their reewu account. Customers will even be able to share the commission they generate with their friends and family. How amazing is that!

I’m a forward-thinking ambitious online vendor.  Where do I sign!

We at Reewu hope that vendors will either sign up direct with us (free of charge with no set-up or subscription fees or other hidden costs) or join an affiliate platform that we work with. Reewu benefits everyone which creates widespread appeal. It has the potential to boost sales for vendors – turning every customer into a salesperson for their products and brand and of course the customer benefits with cash in the bank. Remember it pays to share!

So if you would like to find out more about the Reewu app or to sign up then you can email us at or via our Contact Form.