Frequently Asked Questions

Reewu is a family owned and operated business which is based in the historic city of Lancaster, Lancashire.  We are very proud to be part of the Lancashire business community, although as a pioneeriong digital enterprise, we do operate all across the UK.

Cashback is where you earn money back for something YOU have purchased. Cashback is accessed on the product page by pressing the “Purchase for Cashback” button. You will then be directed to the sellers website. As long as you stay on the sellers website and purchase you will receive cashback.

Commission is a monetary reward for convincing someone else to buy a product through a Reewu link. Commission is completely unlimited. If you are able to encourage 100 people to buy a product through your Reewu link, you will receive 100 commissions! The genius behind commission is that you never have to spend a penny to receive your reward. Simply encourage your friends and family to purchase your favourite products from your shared link and you will receive commission!

At present, the only way to see if anyone bought from your link is to look in your pending commission area.  We are working on a push notification to notify you when someone uses your link to release as part of our programme of improvements.

If you can’t see the social or other digital communication platform you want to use to share your link directly, you can copy and paste a link to any communication platform you choose by selecting the copy link option after pressing the Share for Commission button on the product page.

When choosing how to share the products, simply click on the icon of the social media platform you use. If you can’t see your favourite social media provider then simply use the copy link option and paste it into a message or in a post on your social media account (see question above)

In the Reewu App, if you send one product link and the buyer purchases numerous items in that one visit, you may receive commission on the whole purchase! However Reewu can only offer commission on products the online seller chooses, so your friend may have chosen extra products that are not commission linked to Reewu. Everything is electronic, though, so the online seller has preset the commission level and they do not calculate the discount as they see your order. However, Reewu only ever advertises products that you can receive commission on, so the best thing to do is share a link to all the products you think your friend will want to buy individually.

Reewu can only offer commission when an online store chooses to work with us. If you search for a store in our search bar and it doesn’t appear, click the link to send our customer service team an email, and we will let the store know you want them to be part of Reewu!

In order to receive your commission or cashback, you need to reach a total of £6 minimum in your Reewu account. Anything after this will be paid on a regular basis. Remember we don’t send a push notification when we make a payment, so be sure to check the commission paid section on the App regularly!

Commission and cashback are paid by the online store. We have to wait until the seller sends us the commission payments. All commissions, therefore, take different amounts of time to arrive into your bank account depending on the seller . It is in Reewu’s interest that you get paid your commission as quickly as possible, so rest assured we are always chasing the vendor for your money!

Reewu is a UK based company, but we don’t use call centres. Instead we do everything through our App. We have a dedicated team waiting to help with any problems you may have. So if you have any issues (or just want to tell us how much you love the App) let us know through the ‘Contact Us’ section and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Reewu charges a nominal 5% of all cashback and commissions you are entitled to from the seller. Our 5% fee is deducted before the payment reaches your bank, so you don’t need to do anything.

We believe that the way we levy our charges for enabling you to access cashback and commissions through the Reewu App is completely transparent.  There are no hidden costs and charges.

We want all online retailers large or small to partner with Reewu so as to give our users the best experience possible online shopping experience. Please get in touch with our dedicated sales team through and we will be happy to discuss with you how Reewu can help you grow your business, brand and customer base.

Yes, we do have a detailed user guide on our How it Works page.  There is also a detailed tutorial available within the App itself.

If you would like to download a pdf copy of our Guide, press the button below.