Key Ways


Influencers can post a product that they love on their social media or blog pages and earn commission when their followers purchase the product through the link they have shared.  This gives influencers the chance to share products that they genuinely love and earn money without having to be directly working with that retailer or purchasing the item themselves.

Charities, sports clubs and social clubs

Sports clubs, youth Clubs, Charities, social clubs and other not-for-profit organisations, can use Reewu as a method of fundraising. By sharing links to essential products that members need and want, they can earn commission on the purchases that their members or supporters then make. This may be their own branded or promotional products or produducts from preferred suppliers.

General public

The general public can use the app Reewu to share their favourite products with friends and family and earn commission when purchases are made though the links they share. App users can also browse products and earn cashback on their own purchases. How great is that!


How to use

Once you have signed up to the Reewu app, simply add your bank details (we can only ever send you money, never take it out!) and you are ready to start earning commission...


Search products

Go to the ‘search products’ page to browse through the stores. Once you have found the store you want, click and their products will appear! You can now browse through and highlight any products you want to see in more detail.



Once you have decided on the products you want to share, you can share them through a number of different ways:




Copy link

Copy the link to the product and share through your social media accounts, or send in a text or email. The options are endless!


Once you have chosen your sharing option and shared the link, you can view the products you have shared in the ‘shared products’ tab on the homepage.



Remember to make sure your friends and family buy through the link you share so that we know to apply the commission for the sale to your account.

Once a product is purchased through the link you shared, you will see your commission appear in the ‘my commission’ tab.



For further information, we have a detailed explanation on the ‘tutorial tab’