Our Story

Having been online sellers of printed goods for many years, we have always been asking the question, how can we increase sales? We have done it all – email marketing, cold calling, AdWords, social media, offers and promotional items and of course the loyalty or “refer a friend” discount or reward scheme.

However, we know the best way of selling is through good old word of mouth. But with so many individual websites offering a “refer a friend” discount scheme it hardly gets used as it becomes too much effort for the customer to manage so many schemes.

Then it hit us! Why not have one app that brings all of these referral offers together in one place? Why not have an app which rewards good customer service and excellent products by allowing customers to share the products they love? Why not make every customer an active and enthusiastic re-seller?

I bet, like us, you can now see the hundreds or thousands of customers creating new orders for you for a small percentage of your overall profit margin!

We got very excited and said “Lets do it” in true entrepreneurial spirit and Reewu was born. Why not join us then on the new consumer buying revolution!