Fundraisers can easily generate extra revenue with the Reewu App!

Reewu for Fundraisers

Charities, Clubs, Youth Groups and not-for-profit organisations

Charities, Campaign Groups, Sports clubs, youth Clubs, social clubs and other not-for-profit organisations, can easily use Reewu for fundraising. By sharing links to essential products that supporters or members need and want, the organisation can generate income on the purchases that their members or supporters then make. This may be their own branded or promotional products or products from preferred partner suppliers. Easily share links via your Social Media, email or text!

Influencing what your supporters and sponsors buy

Supporters and members of not-for-profit organisations are always keen to help generate much-needed revenue to support the organisations they love or causes they are passionate about.  By endorsing products that are needed or are beneficial to your supporters (e.g. clothing, equipment, promotional items) via the Reewu App, they get the products they need and want and at the same time generate revenue for your organisations.  Now that is a win-win!


Once you have decided on the products you want to share, you can share them through a number of different ways:




Copy link

Copy the link to the product and share through your social media accounts, or send in a text or email. The options are endless!


Once you have chosen your sharing option and shared the link, you can view the products you have shared in the ‘shared products’ tab on the homepage.