Influencers can easily generate revenue through the Reewu App!

The perfect addition to the Influencer's digital toolbox

Influencers from are the world are helping shape what we buy and how we buy it.  Creative, passionate and knowledgeable and inspiring new generations of savvy consumers.  I mean, who wants to stand still!

So, we think that as an Influencer you will love the Reewu App which is revolutionising how people buy their favourite products online.  We also think you will love the ease in which you can generate revenue from all your hard work.  We know that it takes a huge effort to develop a following, build knowledge of the products you endorse and maintain the level of enthusiasm and energy needed to inspire your audience day in day out!

Influencing what your supporters buy

As an Influencer we know you will have favourite brands and products that can be bought online. Simply find the product that you want to endorse via the Reewu App and share the link with your audience.

When a purchase is made from the link you have shared, you will automatically generate revenue from the retailer which will be paid into your Reewu account.  What is great about the App is that you do not need to agree terms with the online retailer first.  We have already agreed those terms with our retail partners to save you the hassle!  You also don’t have to buy the product first.  Well, we did tell you, you would love the App!


Once you have decided on the products you want to share, you can share them through a number of different ways:




Copy link

Copy the link to the product and share through your social media accounts, or send in a text or email. The options are endless!


Once you have chosen your sharing option and shared the link, you can view the products you have shared in the ‘shared products’ tab on the homepage.