Do you want to be part of the new sales revolution as a Reewu Partner?

As vendors of products ourselves, we know the most powerful and successful way to sell is word of mouth. But how can you win the heart and mind’s of customers so they promote your brand and products for you?

Many organisations offer rewards on their websites for their customers who introduce a friend or family member but Reewu does this in a completely unique way that makes it simple for those sharing to see the benefits of sharing their favourite products and brands with friends and family.

Reewu quickly and easily turns your buyers into sellers. Just imagine if everyone who bought your products became an active seller for you. Promoting your products and brand to everyone they know!

Imagine also if this only involved you contributing a small percentage of each sale to the original customer as a reward for sharing your product? Well, you will be glad to know that this will very soon become a reality. Reewu is the ultimate affiliate marketing app, which will completely revolutionise the way consumers buy products.

Your customers will be able to save the product(s) they have just bought from you
and using the app instantly share the product(s) with their friends and family. Hopefully, their friend or family member will then also want to buy the same product or products from you.  If they do, then the original customer who shared that product will get a small monetary reward equivalent to the normal affiliate marketing commission you would expect to pay.

You can sign up to Reewu directly or via one of our affiliate marketing platform partners such as Awin. Obviously, we are growing our network of affiliate marketing partners all the time helping you reach even more potential new customers.  What is even greater, is that this costs you nothing unless a sale is made.