What we do

Reewu is a revolutionary new app that enables consumers to earn commission from sharing their favourite products with their friends and family. All from a simple swipe.

Having purchased a product the Reewu app user can then share a link to the same product(s) through a variety of social media platforms or by email. If the product is then purchased from this link a commission is paid to the app user that has shared the link. What could be simpler!

This is great news for the vendor whose product is shared across the app by the app user.  Why? They sell more, reach new customers, build brand loyalty and, by working in partnership with Reewu, gain access to a new and exciting global market.

Revolutionary App

Reewu embraces the cutting edge app technology to create a truly unique experience for the 21st century consumer

Meeting customer needs

Bringing customers, their friends and family and the products and brands they love together. Now that is what you call service!

How we do it

Reewu works with affiliate marketing platforms to access their databases of products and commission rates. The Reewu app has direct access to the product, the product details and the commission level payable to the app user which they can clearly see through the app.

Then, once the product has been purchased via the shared link, the commission will be paid by the affiliate platform to Reewu which then distributes the commission monies to the app user which shared the link.

Vendor organisations can work directly with Reewu. They simply upload an excel file of the products they want sharing with the commision rates offered to the affiliate network. When they then sell a product online to a customer referred from the Reewu app, the commission is sent to Reewu by the affiliate network and then distributed to the person entitled to the commission.

When the Reewu app is launched, vendor affiliate organisations will be authorised  to display the Reewu badge on their website.  A badge of distinction which encourages purchasers to make their purchase on the affiliate vendor’s website so it can be shared to earn them lucrative rewards.  Every purchaser can then potentially become a new member of their salesforce!

Building brand awareness

Through one good relationship with a customer, vendors will be able to spread their brand message far and wide all with one simple swipe!

Protecting your return on investment

Profit margins are hard fought. The Reewu app makes sure you are only reducing that margin by a small amount once a sale is completed.